What Has Been the Biggest Failure in Transportation in Recent History?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2012 in Better Society, Blog |

by Panos Prevedouros A well known transportation academic posed this question recently to other transportation experts. Failure he said. You decide the criteria. Failures could be big small, but not too small and localized. I am looking for projects, systems, technologies, or policies that have been failures. To provide a response in a general way, I had to define failure in a general way. So I defined it as “the usefulness of a...

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Honolulu Rail: Designed to Fail

Posted by on Mar 7, 2012 in Better Government, Blog |

by Panos Prevedouros Randal O’Toole, economist and author of several books on transportation and urban planning was in Honolulu last week where he spoke on two distinguished panels in Kapolei and in Honolulu. He summarized his opinion about Honolulu’s rail in this eye-opening Designed to Fail article. A few highlights: Honolulu rail … will have the high costs of heavy rail and the capacity limits of light rail. Honolulu rail...

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