Grassroot Perspective: Feeding the Machine, the Akaka Bill Rises Yet Again, and More

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This article was originally published here on Hawaii Reporter. Scanning the week’s national news, views and clues with you and yours in mind By Malia Hill Quote of the Week: “The more laws, the less justice.”—Cicero Each week, we’ll be monitoring the web to find the most interesting, challenging, or important items for those who are concerned about liberty, accountability, and big government.  Here are some of the highlights from the...

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Oh Me, Oh My, Why Can They Not Try?

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by Dick Rowland The lead editorial in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin on Sunday 2/19/12 “Teacher testing should be DOE responsibility” sure did, as usual when government education is the subject, miss the mark. First, it talked about “accountability” and how everyone wants that but that it would be “more easily achievable if only there could be an agreement on how people are to be held to account, and by whom”. The definition of...

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