With All Due Respect, Rep. Cole, My Arguments Against Race-Based Government Are Quite Principled

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by Ilya Shapiro While campaigning for former Hawaii governor Linda Lingle, who is now running for U.S. Senate, Rep. Tom Cole (R-OK), the only Native American in Congress, said that opposition to the Akaka Bill is “arrogant” meddling in local affairs. (The Akaka Bill, which I’ve covered extensively, would create a race-based governing entity that would negotiate with the federal and state governments over all sorts of issues—effectively...

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CATO Senior Fellow Shapiro to Feature at February GRIH Talk Radio, Talk Story

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Who/What: An informal conversation & dinner with Ilya Shapiro. Ilya, who brings a wealth of experience, anecdotes, and strategy regarding the justice system, will be speaking on the topic of “The US Supreme Court: Pending Issues, the Guessing Game, and the Future”. This is a unique opportunity to meet and talk with a young legal personality and scholar, in regular demand by the media who is visiting us courtesy of the U/H Law School...

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