The Whistleblower Versus Robert Mugabe and the United Nations

Posted by on Apr 10, 2014 in Better Society |

By Doug Bandow Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe is a corrupt authoritarian.  The United Nations is a wasteful, inefficient organization that tolerates corrupt authoritarians.  Unfortunately, the two don’t make beautiful music together. Not everyone at the UN is corrupt.  One hero is Georges Tadonki, a Cameroonian who for a time headed the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Zimbabwe.  The others are three judges in...

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The Problem with Public-Private Partnerships?

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By Lloyd Lim In speaking about the relationship between the government and business, conservatives would say that the government should merely provide a level playing field and otherwise get out of the way. They believe that the government should not try to pick winners and losers because it is incompetent to do so and will produce a misallocation of resources. Liberals believe in the idea of a public-private partnership in which the...

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Crimea, Venice, Colorado Are Saying That The Era Of Big Government Is Over

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By Ralph Benko Crimea. Venice.  Scotland.  Quebec.  Catalonia.  Colorado. Crimea’s vote, a popular vote of no confidence in Kiev, to leave Ukraine (and rejoin Russia) is in some ways unique. In other ways it appears part of an emerging, worldwide, trend. Venice voted this week, in a nonbinding referendum, to secede from Italy.  89% in favor: a popular vote of no confidence in Rome. Scotland will vote next September on whether to...

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Grassroot Discusses Campaign Spending on HNN

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Grassroot Institute President Keli’i Akina recently appeared on Hawaii News Now to discuss the investigation into Rep. Romy Cachola’s campaign spending irregularities. The inquiry by the state Campaign Spending Commission is looking into a number of questionable expenses by Rep. Cachola over the course of his political career, including the purchase of a Nissan Pathfinder, and various expenditures on food, gas, and car...

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The U.S. Economy on the GO

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By Bartlett D. Cleland Last summer the Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) began to track “R&D for entertainment, literary and artistic originals as fixed investment,” and created a new investment category of “intellectual property products,” which will also include expenditures for software. This change corrected a problem with GDP being understated by approximately $400 billion annually. Of course, such research and...

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