Bullets and Beaches Prevail Once Again

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This article was originally published here on Hawaii Reporter. By Stephen Zierak Results of the 2012 elections for state legislature ensure that Hawaii’s economy will continue to over-rely on military facilities and the tourist trade.  While the pressing need to diversify our economy continues to enjoy lip service, our electorate continues to send the same old same old to the House and Senate.  Incumbents won almost all of their contests,...

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Grassroot Perspective: The One You Love, Solar Tax Credits and Ron Paul says America is off the cliff

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by Danny de Gracia, II A weekly liberty briefing and news guide to keep you informed and prepared on what’s UP to more freedom or DOWN to bigger, more intrusive government. Quote of the Week: “A free market grants no authority or privileges to labor unions or business. All contracts between workers and businesses must be mutually agreeable and without government mandates. No one is forced to work, no one is prevented from quitting, and the...

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