CRomnibus in Context

The year-end fiscal drama in Washington DC to which we’ve become accustomed during the Obama years is reaching its 2014 climax. Tuesday night, the Hou […]


Grassroot’s Stocking Stuffer Suggestions: Ring in the New Year with Some Hawaiian History

In crafting policy for the future, it is helpful to understand the past. And that may explain why we so often receive requests for book recommendation […]


Hawaii is Addressing Liabilities, but There’s a Long Way to Go

Regardless of party, most Hawaii policymakers will acknowledge that the state’s unfunded liabilities must be addressed. And there have been some […]


Hawaii Ranks 47th in Small Business Friendliness

Low Ranking on Small Business Policy Index Points to Need for Economic Reform Hawaii is the fourth-worst state in the nation when it comes to policies […]

burma parliament

Myanmar Reforms Slip Into Reverse: How to Save Burma’s Democracy

WALLAY, BURMA—When foreign dignitaries visit Myanmar, still known as Burma in much of the West, they don’t walk the rural hills over which the central […]

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