Whose Tax is It, Anyway? (Part 2)

Last week we spent some time on business-related income taxes paid and the question of who may deduct them. Some 77% of small businesses are organized […]

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A Troubling Excess Of Optimism: Examining the Hawaii State Budget

A note from Malia Hill, Policy Director of the Grassroot Institute… Ever wonder why think tanks that endorse fiscal restraint inevitably also pr […]


There’s ‘No Sugarcoating’ Health Insurance Exchange Failures

If you’ve been desperately seeking a President Obama statement that’s true, try this one from Oct. 21, 2013, just after the rollout: “B […]


Whose Tax is It, Anyway? (Part 1)

A few days ago, the United States Tax Court decided a case that is important to small business owners in several states, not just Hawaii. It’s importa […]


Repeal, Not Reform, Is Necessary for the Bloated Welfare State

The United States is effectively bankrupt. Economist Laurence Kotlikoff figures the United States faces unfunded liabilities in excess of $200 trillio […]

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