court 2

Who’s the Boss, Anyway? (Part 2)

In November of last year, I wrote about a Colorado case that was before the U.S. Supreme Court. Colorado voters had limited the power of its legislatu […]


The Jones Act and the Crude Export Ban

The energy information website E & E Publishing Inc. reports on the linkages between lifting the 1970’s crude petroleum oil export ban and Jones A […]


The Federal Government Wants Even More of Your Personal Information

Over the last several weeks Congress has been trying to construct a highway spending bill. The House has passed a short-term measure to guarantee cont […]


Post-Employment Benefits Are King

We’ve earlier written about State pensions and other post-employment benefits. We’ve mentioned that the liabilities are potentially huge, but we haven […]

Greece econ

Third Greek Bailout Is Not the Charm

Nearly a month ago Greek voters rejected more economic austerity as a condition of another European bailout. Today Athens is implementing an even more […]

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E Hana Kakou: Weekly Program

Hawaii Update From Washington with Andy Blom
Host Keli'i Akina speaks with Andy Blom (Grassroot Hawaii Action) about working to reform the Jones Act and the debate over (federally) recognizing native Hawaiians as a tribe.
New Leadership for Tough Issues with Jaci Agustin
Host Keli'i Akina speaks with community activist Jaci Agustin about some of the most pressing challenges in Hawaii including homelessness, traffic congestion and sex trafficking.
Freedom & Prosperity in Mexico with Jose Torraa
Host Keli'i Akina speaks with economist Jose Torra (Frasier Institute) about economic freedom and the rule of law in Mexico and beyond.
Measuring Economic Freedom with Dean Stansel
Host Keli'i Akina speaks with economist/professor Dr. Dean Stansel (Southern Methodist University) about the principles of economic freedom.
What is Economic Freedom? Michael D. LaFaive
Host Keli'i Akina speaks with economist Michael LaFaive (Director, Morey Fiscal Policy Initiative, Mackinac Center) about the philosophy and principles of economic freedom.
A Fiscal Cliff for Hawaii with Paul Harleman
Guest Host Joe Kent speaks with Paul Harleman (Senate Minority Budget Director) about the current economic status of Hawaii and his concerns for the state's future financial stability.

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