Better Economy

The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii supports free market solutions that will strengthen and grow the economy, encourage entrepreneurship, and support local business.

Better Government

Grassroot Institute acts as a watchdog for government waste and overreach, demanding greater transparency at all levels and opposing any attempts to limit the access of citizens to the political process.

Better Society

Supporting liberty also means embracing policies that will improve our state from the ground up. At the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii we want to find solutions that will make Hawaii a better place to live.

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Video: Hawaii’s Growing Libertarian Party

In this episode of E Hana Kakou, Grassroot President Keli’i Akina interviews Tracy Ryan, Chair of the Libertarian Party of Hawaii, and Tom Berg, a Libertarian candidate for the Hawaii Legislature. The influence and presence of Hawaii’s Libertarian Party...

The Implications of the Council on Revenues General Fund Forecast: What Happened to the $844m Surplus?

Note from Grassroot: The solvency of the state is an issue that tends to be ignored despite the fact that it reaches to the heart of our economic future. With an important election coming up in November, the question of how Hawaii will overcome its projected budget...

Video: Interview with Elwin Ahu

In this episode of E Hana Kakou, Grassroot President Keli’i Akina interview Elwin Ahu, whose story of his journey from attorney to judge to minister reflects a continuing and evolving commitment to serve others. Now a candidate for Lt. Governor, Mr. Ahu shares...